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Cody Armstrong Completes Training as Certified Dementia Practitioner

Cody Armstrong of The Patriot, A Choice Community, recently completed training to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner.

Cody has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse in long-term care for nine years and, in October 2022, became personal care administrator at Schoolhouse Suites.

Cody Armstrong
Cody Armstrong

The pursuit of a greater understanding of those in her care and in the riddle of the condition known as dementia has defined Cody’s mission.

“My desire to learn more about dementia and caring for residents with dementia started when I took the Personal Care Home Administrator class,” said Cody.

“During my PCHA class, I went through the Pennsylvania Dementia Friends training. The Dementia Friends training isn’t just a healthcare training, it’s focused more toward communities outside of healthcare facilities to help people understand how dementia affects people. When I completed the Dementia Friends training, I knew that it would be a beneficial education to present to other staff members at The Patriot.

“I then completed the Dementia Champion Training that allows me to teach the program. Both programs really honed in on the importance of individualized care for patients living with dementia and different ways that we in healthcare, and even businesses or groups in the community, can make small adaptations to help a person living with dementia continue to function at their highest ability and maintain a sense of independence.”

In addition to duties related to the Patriot, Cody is available to provide dementia training.

“I’m excited to present the information I’ve learned from the Dementia Friends and the Dementia Practitioner trainings, not only to other healthcare workers, but to groups in our community,” she said.


For more information or to schedule Cody to speak about dementia care, call The Patriot at 814-445-4549.


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