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Healthcare Heroes – Becky Miller

Unmasking Our Healthcare Heroes

Always quick with a smile, Becky Miller is passionate about helping others.

A registered nurse at The Patriot, her demeanor creates a comfort with residents on the Special Care Unit, most of whom come for about two weeks of therapy and nursing before returning home.

“It’s so rewarding,” Miller said. “I get to interact with residents and their families. I get to see them progress and go home. I like taking care of people.”

For someone seemingly destined to be a nurse, it’s almost hard to believe she’s only been practicing for the past five years. After a career in banking, Miller decided in her late 20s to begin taking nursing classes at Allegany College of Maryland.

“The decision to do it was hard,” said Miller, who began working at The Patriot after graduating college. “But once I made up my mind, it was easy to follow through. My heart was set on it.”

In her spare time, Miller enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, enjoying NASCAR races and cookouts with friends.


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