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Healthcare Heroes - Homer Johnson

Unmasking Our Healthcare Heroes

Homer Johnson’s heart is filled with kindness.

That’s why he completed training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant – just to care for his ailing mother. That’s why, as an Activities Aide at The Patriot, he interacts so affably with residents in the nursing home.

“Homer is very easy to talk to, very accommodating and very kind-hearted,” said Tiffany Uphold, The Patriot’s Activities Director. Johnson has been employed at The Patriot for nearly 4 years. He started as a CNA, then moved to activities. The soft-spoken Johnson loves helping with Bingo, games and musical entertainment.

“I get good responses talking to the residents,” he said. “When I’m not here, they ask, ‘Where’s Homer?’”

Before coming to The Patriot, Johnson spent 15 years working for a dairy equipment supply and service company. He was raised on a dairy farm in New Lexington. Thank you Homer, for your compassion and dedication!


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