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Healthcare Heroes - Rick Warner

Unmasking Our Healthcare Heroes

Rick Warner was driving home on Route 219 after a long day in the maintenance department at The Patriot when he received a call on his cell phone. A resident needed a recliner chair in their room, he was told.

Without hesitation, Warner turned around and drove 15 miles back to the nursing home.

“I care,” Warner said. “It’d be like your grandma calling and saying, ‘I need a chair moved from one side of the room to the other.’ You’d do it right then and there. For me, it’s like having a whole building full of grandmas and grandpas.”

Warner joined The Patriot just over a year ago after spending 14 years in commercial construction. He’s a jack-of-all-trades, Maintenance Director Doug Otto said. That’s evident by the fact Warner even obtained a license as a Certified Nursing Assistant – a certification he says adds to his diversity.

“I feel like I help people,” Warner said. “It’s a great reward every day. Even little things put a smile on someone’s face. It makes your whole day worth it.”

In his spare time, the married father of five enjoys spending time with his family hiking, riding bikes and participating in other outdoor activities.

Thank you Rick, for your compassion and dedication!


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