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The Patriot - Social Media Contest Winner

The Patriot, a Choice Community is the winner of a social media contest started by Affinity Health Services. The contest titled "Together We Shine" encouraged a number of long-term care facilities to share the joy at their communities by utilizing social media. The Patriot, along with other facilities, shared stories, photos of staff and residents, gave shout-outs to employees, and got creative with a number of different posts.

The Patriot was selected as the winner of the contest as they received the most new Facebook page likes. The prize of $500 will be used to benefit the caring staff at The Patriot with a luncheon, or a different group gift selected by their team. Congratulations to all the wonderful staff, residents and family members at all facilities who participated in this contest!

While the contest is over, the team at The Patriot will continue posting great content and updates to their page. We encourage you to follow The Patriot on Facebook- you can find our page by clicking here.


Bailey is a welcoming site at The Patriot

Bailey has a connection with residents

Bailey and best friend Cody

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