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Healthcare Heroes - Karen Emert

Unmasking Our Healthcare Heroes

Physical fitness is a staple for Karen Emert.

If she’s not out jogging in her hometown of Somerset, she and her family are camping, boating, hiking or biking. It’s an active lifestyle she looks to share with others as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at The Patriot.

“Practice what you preach,” she said.

Nothing, Emert said, satisfies her more than helping residents return home after receiving short-term therapy for broken bones, debilitating illnesses or other medical issues.

“We have a large percentage of people who do go home,” she said proudly, evidenced by the fact that about two-thirds of residents who come to The Patriot are discharged home in two weeks or less, on average.

Since graduating from Community College of Allegheny County in Monroeville and spending three years as a COTA at a nursing home in Meyersdale, Emert has spent the past 21 years at The Patriot. She is employed by Functional Pathways, the company that provides therapy at the Somerset nursing home.

“Even though we’re contracted out, our therapy department has a good relationship with administration, nursing and the community,” she said.

Thank you Karen, for your compassion and dedication!


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